Postresuscitation myocardial stunning and its outcome: new approaches.


What is the successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation? It is the few minutes postcardiopulmonary arrest that can answer. Twenty to 40 percent of patients who sustained cardiac arrest are initially resuscitated, but only 10% survive to hospital discharge, and more than 60% of victims succumb within 24 hours. This high fatality rate in the early hours and days… (More)
DOI: 10.1097/01.hpc.0000147142.44327.df


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@article{ElMenyar2004PostresuscitationMS, title={Postresuscitation myocardial stunning and its outcome: new approaches.}, author={Ayman El-Menyar}, journal={Critical pathways in cardiology}, year={2004}, volume={3 4}, pages={209-15} }