Postresuscitation disease after cardiac arrest: a sepsis-like syndrome?

  title={Postresuscitation disease after cardiac arrest: a sepsis-like syndrome?},
  author={Christophe Adrie and Ivan Laurent and Mehran Monchi and Alain Cariou and Jean-François Dhainaou and Christian Spaulding},
  journal={Current opinion in critical care},
  volume={10 3},
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Despite advances in cardiac arrest resuscitation, neurologic impairments and other organ dysfunctions cause considerable mortality and morbidity after restoration of spontaneous cardiac activity. The mechanisms underlying this postresuscitation disease probably involve a whole-body ischemia and reperfusion syndrome that triggers a systemic inflammatory response. RECENT FINDINGS Postresuscitation disease is characterized by high levels of circulating cytokines and adhesion… CONTINUE READING