Postprostatectomy radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer.


OBJECTIVES To assess the biochemical and clinical results of postprostatectomy radiotherapy (RT) for high-risk, mostly non-rgan-confined prostate cancer. METHODS After radical prostatectomy, 66 consecutive patients received either adjuvant (n = 29) or therapeutic (n = 37) postoperative RT. Therapeutic RT was given for persistently elevated postoperative… (More)


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@article{Mayer2002PostprostatectomyRF, title={Postprostatectomy radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer.}, author={Ramona Mayer and Karl Pummer and Franz Quehenberger and Elisabeth Mayer and Lore Fink and Arnulf Hackl}, journal={Urology}, year={2002}, volume={59 5}, pages={732-9} }