Postponement of satiety by blockade of brain cholecystokinin (CCK-B) receptors.

  title={Postponement of satiety by blockade of brain cholecystokinin (CCK-B) receptors.},
  author={Colin Trevor Dourish and Wayne Rycroft and Susan D. Iversen},
  volume={245 4925},
Exogenous cholecystokinin (CCK) decreases food intake and causes satiety in animals and man. However, it has not been established that endogenous CCK causes satiety or whether the response is mediated by peripheral-type (CCK-A) or brain-type (CCK-B) receptors. The development of potent and selective antagonists for CCK-A (MK-329) and CCK-B (L-365,260) receptors now allows these issues to be addressed. The CCK-A antagonist MK-329 and the CCK-B antagonist L-365,260 increased food intake in… CONTINUE READING

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