Postpartum glycosylated hemoglobins (HbA1): an index of glucose control in pregnancy?

  title={Postpartum glycosylated hemoglobins (HbA1): an index of glucose control in pregnancy?},
  author={F. E. Mansani and Mario Caltabiano and Maurizio Ceruti and Vittorio Condemi},
  journal={International journal of biological research in pregnancy},
  volume={3 4},
Postpartum HbA1 levels were studied in 114 mothers with a normal pregnancy. HbA1 levels were correlated with neonatal anthropometric parameters and with maternal metabolic parameters. A strong positive correlation was found between weight gain during pregnancy and postpartum HbA1 levels. There was also an increased frequency of infants with large thoracic circumference born to mothers with HbA1 levels above 8.6%. Thus, postpartum HbA1 levels in mothers in whom the serial HbA1 determination is… CONTINUE READING

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