Postoperative sleep disturbances: mechanisms and clinical implications.

  title={Postoperative sleep disturbances: mechanisms and clinical implications.},
  author={Susan Rosenberg-Adamsen and Henrik Kehlet and Chris M. Dodds and Jacob Rosenberg},
  journal={British journal of anaesthesia},
  volume={76 4},
Major surgery is beset by complications such as pulmonary, cardiac, thromboembolic and cerebral dysfunction, which cannot be attributed solely to inadequate surgical and anaesthetic techniques, but rather to increased organ demands caused by the endocrine metabolic response to surgical trauma [33]. Postoperative cerebral dysfunction comprises delirium, confusion and milder degrees of mental dysfunction [1, 48, 53, 62], and disturbances in the normal sleep pattern [4, 7, 9, 13, 17, 34, 39, 42… CONTINUE READING