Postoperative sensitivity in Class I composite resin restorations in vivo.

  title={Postoperative sensitivity in Class I composite resin restorations in vivo.},
  author={Denise S{\'a} Maia Casselli and Lu{\'i}s Roberto Marcondes Martins},
  journal={The journal of adhesive dentistry},
  volume={8 1},
PURPOSE This study evaluated the postoperative sensitivity of posterior Class I composite resin restorations, restored with a self-etching or a total-etch one-bottle adhesive system. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred four restorations were replaced by one clinician in 52 patients. Each patient received two restorations. After cavity preparations were completed under rubber-dam isolation, they were restored using Clearfil SE Bond or Single Bond and a resin-based restorative material (Filtek… CONTINUE READING

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