[Postoperative induced astigmatism].


PURPOSE Is to evaluate the astigmatism induced by cataract surgery, ethiological factors and ways of prophilaxies and treatment. MATERIAL AND METHOD We followed a number of 211 eyes operated for cataract by planned extracapsular extraction with intraocular lens implantation, in Ophthalmological Clinic from Cluj-Napoca. All the pacients had limbal incision and the suture was performed with 9.0 suture, after the operation the treatment consisted in local drops with steroids. REZULTS: The astigmatism induced by the surgery was direct in 53.08% of cases and indirect in 46.92%. The position of the axes was 0-900 in 72.51% and oblique in 27.48%. The optical correction of astigmatism was with combined spherocylinder glases in 57.34% and only with cilinder in 42.65% of cases. CONCLUSIONS 1. The induced astigmatism by cataract surgery is in relation with the incision, suture and IOL. 2. Correction of astigmatism is possible with optical correction, repearing the suture or with refractive surgery. 3. The prevention of astigmatism over 1.5 D is by using Troutmann keratometer and to evidence the congenital astigmatism.

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