Postoperative hospitalization of children undergoing cross-trigonal ureteroneocystostomy.

  title={Postoperative hospitalization of children undergoing cross-trigonal ureteroneocystostomy.},
  author={Audrey C. McCool and David B. Joseph},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={154 2 Pt 2},
The hospital records of 145 girls and 41 boys who had undergone ureteroneocystostomy for vesicoureteral reflux were retrospectively reviewed to determine the duration of urethral catheterization and postoperative hospitalization. Children with a complicated urological history or the need for ureteral tapering and stent placement were excluded. The trend in urethral catheter removal was from 2.71 days postoperatively during the first year of the study to 1.18 days during the last year… CONTINUE READING