Postoperative Liver Dysfunction and Future Remnant Liver: Where Is the Limit?

  title={Postoperative Liver Dysfunction and Future Remnant Liver: Where Is the Limit?},
  author={Alessandro Ferrero and Luca Vigan{\`o} and Roberto Polastri and Andrea Muratore and Haris Eminefendic and Daniele Regge and Lorenzo Capussotti},
  journal={World Journal of Surgery},
The future remnant liver (FRL) limit for safe major hepatectomy with low risk of postoperative liver failure has not yet been well defined. Between April 2000 and September 2004, every patient scheduled for major hepatectomy in our institution underwent CT-volumetry of FRL. Patients with FRL <25% underwent portal vein embolization (PVE). Exclusion criteria were PVE, associated vascular resection and liver cirrhosis. The FRL was correlated with short-term results in patients with normal liver… CONTINUE READING


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