Postnatal ontogeny of the glucocorticoid receptor in the hippocampus.

  title={Postnatal ontogeny of the glucocorticoid receptor in the hippocampus.},
  author={Anastasia Galeeva and Markku Pelto-Huikko and Svetlana Pivina and Natalia Ordyan},
  journal={Vitamins and hormones},
Corticosteroid hormones are important intrinsic factors that not only mediate the response to stress but also largely contribute to the main physiological processes. The biological actions of these steroids involve, first of all, the activation of specific receptors, namely mineralocorticoid (MR) and glucocorticoid (GR) receptors. These two receptor types govern a flexible and well-balanced mechanism that leads to the often opposing changes in the cell. The hippocampus is the central part of… CONTINUE READING