Postnatal development of renal function in pre-term and full-term infants.

  title={Postnatal development of renal function in pre-term and full-term infants.},
  author={Anita C. Aperia and Ove Broberger and G{\"o}ran Elinder and Peter Herin and Rolf Zetterstr{\"o}m},
  journal={Acta paediatrica Scandinavica},
  volume={70 2},
This study has been designed to examine the effect of gestational age (GA) on the postnatal development of renal function and has been performed in pre-term (PT) infants (GA=30-34 weeks) and in full-term (FT) infants (GA=39-41 weeks). Postnatal age has ranged from 1-35 days. From 8 hour urine samples collected after spontaneous voiding and a capillary blood sample, determinations have been made of the clearance of creatinine (CCr), the fractional excretion of beta 2-microglobulin (FE beta 2… CONTINUE READING


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