Postnatal Development of Spasticity Following Transgene Insertion in the Mouse βIV Spectrin Gene (SPTBN4).

  title={Postnatal Development of Spasticity Following Transgene Insertion in the Mouse $\beta$IV Spectrin Gene (SPTBN4).},
  author={Eva Kichkin and Archunan Visvanathan and Frank J. Lovicu and Daisy Y. Shu and Shannon J. Das and Stephen W Reddel and Emily P. McCann and Katharine Y. Zhang and Kelly L. Williams and Ian P. Blair and William D Phillips},
  journal={Journal of neuromuscular diseases},
  volume={4 2},
BACKGROUND The L25 mouse line was generated by random genomic insertion of a lens-specific transgene. Inbreeding of L25 hemizygotes revealed an unanticipated spastic phenotype in the hind limbs. OBJECTIVE The goals were to characterize the motor phenotype in the L25 mice and to map the transgene insert site within the mouse genome. METHODS Six pairs of L25+/- mice were repeatedly mated. Beginning at weaning, all progeny were inspected for body weight and motor signs twice weekly until they… 
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