Postmortem radiology of head neck injuries in fatal traffic accidents.

  title={Postmortem radiology of head neck injuries in fatal traffic accidents.},
  author={G. J. Alker and Yoon Seok Oh and Eugene Leslie and Jozef Lehotay and V A Panaro and E G Eschner},
  volume={114 3},
A series of 146 victims of fatal traffic accidents were subjected to postmortem radiographic examination prior to medicolegal autopsy. A total of 42% were found to have radiographically demonstrable head injuries ranging from relatively simple linear skull fractures to massive skull damage. Free intracranial or intravascular air was demonstrated in more than 60%. A total of 21% had demonstrable neck injuries, most of which were localized to a single level at the craniocervical junction or the… CONTINUE READING
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