Postmortem examination of patient H.M.’s brain based on histological sectioning and digital 3D reconstruction

  title={Postmortem examination of patient H.M.’s brain based on histological sectioning and digital 3D reconstruction},
  author={Jacopo Annese and Natalie M. Schenker-Ahmed and Hauke Bartsch and Paul Maechler and Colleen Sheh and Natasha Thomas and Junya Kayano and Alexander Ghatan and Noah Bresler and Matthew P. Frosch and Ruth Klaming and Suzanne Corkin},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
Modern scientific knowledge of how memory functions are organized in the human brain originated from the case of Henry G. Molaison (H.M.), an epileptic patient whose amnesia ensued unexpectedly following a bilateral surgical ablation of medial temporal lobe structures, including the hippocampus. The neuroanatomical extent of the 1953 operation could not be assessed definitively during H.M.'s life. Here we describe the results of a procedure designed to reconstruct a microscopic anatomical model… CONTINUE READING


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