Postmodernism disrobed

  title={Postmodernism disrobed},
  author={R. Dawkins},
An extra‐memetic empirical methodology to accompany theoretical memetics
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe the difficulties encountered by researchers who are looking to operationalise theoretical memetics and provide a methodological avenue for studiesExpand
Against all odds—the persistent popularity of homeopathy
While the tide may be changing on the regulatory side, health education of the general public is presumably more important to support informed decision making by patients, otherwise the responsible patient remains a convenient legal fiction. Expand
Philosophical Approach to the Statutory Drafting
This article traces the relationship between the law-making process and narratives. Undoubtedly, how statutes are created is a constitutional question, yet the Constitution regulates only part ofExpand
Learning Dispositif and Emotional Attachment: A Preliminary International Analysis
This research investigated the significance of learning dispositif (LD) and emotional attachment (EA) on perceived learning success (LS) across a diaspora of Western, Russian, Asian, Middle EasternExpand
On bullshit management – the critical management studies perspective
DOI: 10.14254/2071789X.2019/12-1/18 ABSTRACT. Harry Frankfurt established the discourse about “bullshit” in social sciences. However, in business and economics the concept is not that widely used.Expand
African Ethics through Ubuntu: A Postmodern Exposition
Introduction In this paper I do three things. First, I look at the nature, character and origin of hunhu/ubuntu as a key aspect of African ethics. By African ethics I mean the guiding injunctions asExpand
Gender and Gaming: Postmodern Narratives of Liminal Spaces and Selves
This study employs a narrative approach to explore the relationship between gender and video gaming using a postmodern theoretical perspective. At issue here is the meaning ascribed to theExpand
Oracles, Prophets and the Exoteric Circles of Science and Religion
Drawing upon Karl Giberson and Mariano Artigas’ joint book The Oracles of Science , I discuss the limits of an emphasis on so-called philosophical bridges in the relationship between science andExpand