Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

  title={Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism},
  author={Fredric Jameson},
Now in paperback, Fredric Jameson’s most wide-ranging work seeks to crystalize a definition of ”postmodernism”. Jameson’s inquiry looks at the postmodern across a wide landscape, from “high” art to “low” from market ideology to architecture, from painting to “punk” film, from video art to literature. 
post-histoire: a comparative analysis of decadentism and postmodernism
a culture which sees itself as representing the end of modernism-is the affinity it experiences with the cultural climate immediately preceding the birth of modernism. This manifests itself, for
The Robbersby F. Schiller. Study of the Postcolonial in the Light of 18th Century German Romantism
This article is an attempt to understand the African postcolonial cultural situation from the German romanticism of the 18 th century. Through a study of the Schillerian critique of the cynicism of
Postmodernism: the Enlightenment continued
Postmodernism is often virtually equated with French poststructuralism, and seen as anti-rationalist and anti-humanist, even downright nihilist. However, the idea of difference that is central to
Postmodernism and the parody of argument
Argument, in any full sense of the word, needs resources and assumptions that postmodernism does not provide. Postmodernism is not a phenomenon that emerged ‘after modernism,’ as it were, to replace
At the limits : postcolonial and hyperreal translations of Australian poetry
This thesis employs postcolonial and hyperreal theories to investigate articulations of identity, nation and representation in contemporary Australian poetry. Informed by a comparative analysis of
On the continuing utility of argument in a postmodern world
In this essay we contend that traditional theories of argument are consonant with and enrich the project of postmodernity. Reading postmodernity as ‘a rhetoric’ underscores how the process of
No) Postmodernism in the Age of World Literature
"while Douwe Fokkema welcomed in postmodernism the advent of a new literary current and a new way of seeing the world, I am interested in what I see as the closure of postmodernism, particularly so
Caveat Emptor: On Time, Death and History in Late Modernity
This article focuses on ‘revivalism’ and ‘resurrectionism’. While the former is a sociological label for contemporary rituals of dying and death, the latter is a label for contemporary practices of
The Places of Critical Universalism: Postcolonial and Decolonial Approaches in Context
  • Omar Acha
  • Sociology
    Philosophy of Globalization
  • 2018
This paper argues that the validity of universalism in the era of global capitalism does not imply a smooth, undifferentiated spatiality, in which particularity is eliminated. The contemporary
The Meaning and Meaninglessness of Postmodernism: Some Ironic Remarks
This paper discusses the popularity of postmodernism in social and organiza tional studies. It is argued that the word conflates quite different social phe nomena and lines of development, and