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Postmodern rejuvenation of grown-ups: who kidults are?

  title={Postmodern rejuvenation of grown-ups: who kidults are?},
  author={Marina Dvornyk},
The paper is dedicated to the kidult figure – childish adult – as a generation of postmodern reality. It is postulated that 20-35-yeared people escaping from their biological age by desire to dress up into teenage clothes, by anti-aging treatments, by searching of extreme experiences, by the lack of investments in long-term relationships and properties is a logical process of youth lifestyle standardization and juvenile society of postmodern times. The parallelisms for kidult definitions as the… 


The Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult and the Figure of Kidult
Being young today is no longer a transitory stage, but rather a choice of life, well established and brutally promoted by the media system. While the classic paradigms of adulthood and maturation
The Role of Marketing in the Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult
In a recent interview, Natalia Vashko, director of the television channel 2x2, stated: “We cater for young viewers, where ‘young’ has nothing to do with age, it’s rather a lifestyle attitude”
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Three intertwined social processes give a special c onfiguration to the dissolution of adult life in contemporary societies. (1) the extension of the ag e range of the young segment of the
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Adult responsibility in insecure times
H as adulthood as we once knew it been lost? Is the state of ‘being adult’ so eroded that immaturity, selÞ shness and infantilism have all but replaced it? You could be forgiven for thinking so,
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Preface - A New Division of the Life Course - How Long Can Anyone Go On Living - The Age of Britain as a Country: Britain be Your Age, First Adjuration - The Age of the Present British Population,
Therapy Culture: Cultivating Vulnerability in an Uncertain Age
1. The Culture of Emotionalism 2. The Politics of Emotion 3. Targeting Privacy and Informal Relations 4. How Did We Get There? 5. The Diminished Self 6. The Self at Risk 7. Fragile Identity - Hooked
Men to Boys: The Making of Modern Immaturity
Introduction: Where Have All the Men Gone?1. When Fathers Knew Best (or Did They?)2. Living Fast, by (Sometimes) Dying Young3. Talking About My Generation4. My Generation Becomes the Pepsi
Kidult Contents Development using Mobile Augmented Reality
A comparative analysis of IT technology-based kidult toys and new kidult culture contents utilizing AR is performed to help vitalize and expand the area of AR-based culture contents.
Adult responsibility in insecure times / Kate Crawford // Soundings
  • 2009