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Postmenopozal Dönemde Sitoloji, Histoloji ve PH Yöntemleri Kullanılarak Vajinal Epitelin İncelenmesi

  title={Postmenopozal D{\"o}nemde Sitoloji, Histoloji ve PH Y{\"o}ntemleri Kullanılarak Vajinal Epitelin İncelenmesi},
  author={M. Doğanay and O. Aksakal and L. Mollamahmutoğlu and {\"U}lk{\"u} {\"O}zmen and O. G{\"o}kmen},
  journal={Turkiye Klinikleri Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics},
Results: When comparing pre and post-treatment values from the methods, a shift towards mature wilucs was observed, hut the magnitude of the shift differed to a considerable extent. Vaginal cytology, expressed as mean maturation index (MI) shifted significantly from 94/6/0 to 0/65.35. Likewise, mean PH was significantly shifted from 6.2 to mean 4.5. The increased thickness of the epithelium and the number of cell layers could be demonstrated after oe­ strogen treatment. 


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