Postirradiation fate of bacteriophage lambda DNA in the host cell.

  title={Postirradiation fate of bacteriophage lambda DNA in the host cell.},
  author={Z. Trgovcevic and Drago Petranovi{\'c} and Vera Zgaga},
  volume={55 1},
The postirradiation fate of lambda cI857 DNA in the host cell was investigated under conditions which prevent phage vegetative development. Like other episomes, lambda cI857 DNA can be present in the host either integrated in the host chromosome or located in the cytoplasm. It has been shown by the technique of DNA-DNA hybridization that, after gamma irradiation, chromosomally-integrated lambda cI857 DNA is degraded to about the same extent as the bacterial DNA. In contrast, extrachromosomally… CONTINUE READING

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