Postinjury neutrophil priming and activation: an early vulnerable window.

  title={Postinjury neutrophil priming and activation: an early vulnerable window.},
  author={Abraham J. Botha and Fredrick Moore and Ernest Eugene Moore and Fernando J. Kim and Anirban Banerjee and Verlyn M Peterson},
  volume={118 2},
  pages={358-64; discussion 364-5}
BACKGROUND Generation of extracellular, cytotoxic superoxide anion (O2-) by polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) contributes to an unbridled inflammatory response that can precipitate multiple organ failure (MOF). Release of O2- is markedly enhanced when activated PMNs have been previously "primed" by inflammatory mediators, such as those expressed after trauma. We therefore hypothesized that PMN priming occurs as an integral part of the early inflammatory response to trauma. METHODS PMNs… CONTINUE READING


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