Postinfectious immune-mediated encephalitis after pediatric herpes simplex encephalitis.

  title={Postinfectious immune-mediated encephalitis after pediatric herpes simplex encephalitis.},
  author={Xavier De Ti{\`e}ge and Corinne de Laet and Nathalie Mazoin and Catherine Christophe and Leena Duvika Mewasingh and Catherine Wetzburger and Bernard Dan},
  journal={Brain & development},
  volume={27 4},
We report a 3-year-old patient who presented a secondary acute neurological deterioration clinically characterized by a partial Kluver-Bucy syndrome, 1 month after the onset of herpes simplex encephalitis. This episode is unlikely due to continuation or resumption of cerebral viral replication but might be related to an immune-inflammatory process. In children, postinfectious immune-mediated encephalitis occurring after HSE are usually clinically characterized by choreoathetoid movements. This… CONTINUE READING