Posterolaterální fúze u akutních zlomenin thorakolumbální páteře: porovnání demineralizované kostní hmoty a autologních kostních štěpů

  title={Posterolater{\'a}ln{\'i} f{\'u}ze u akutn{\'i}ch zlomenin thorakolumb{\'a}ln{\'i} p{\'a}teře: porovn{\'a}n{\'i} demineralizovan{\'e} kostn{\'i} hmoty a autologn{\'i}ch kostn{\'i}ch {\vs}těpů},
  author={Florian Baumann and Werner Krutsch and Christian G Pfeifer and Carsten Neumann and M. Nerlich and Markus Loibl},
INTRODUCTIONAlternative fusion expanders are in clinical use for instrumented posterolateral fusion (PLF) to avoid donor site morbidity in autologous bone graft (ABG) harvesting. Purpose of this study was to evaluate demineralized bone matrix (DBM) in PLF as alternative to the gold standard of ABG in acute traumatic vertebral body fractures of the thoracolumbar spine.MATERIAL AND METHODSWe retrospectively identified 101 patients with acute traumatic vertebral body fractures of the thoracic and… CONTINUE READING