Posterior consistency via precision operators for Bayesian nonparametric drift estimation in SDEs

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Adaptive posterior contraction rates for empirical Bayesian drift estimation of a diffusion

Due to their conjugate posteriors, Gaussian process priors are attractive for estimating the drift of stochastic differential equations with continuous time observations. However, their performance

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A general theorem detailing conditions under which Bayesian posteriors will contract in L–distance around the true drift function b0 at the frequentist minimax rate is proved.

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A nonparametric approach for estimating drift and diffusion functions in systems of stochastic differential equations from observations of the state vector and an approximate expectation maximization algorithm to deal with the unobserved, latent dynamics between sparse observations are introduced.

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An approximate EM algorithm is developed to deal with the unobserved, latent dynamics between observations and the posterior over states is approximated by a piecewise linearized process of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type.

Reversible jump MCMC for nonparametric drift estimation for diffusion processes



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The rate of contraction of the posterior distribution based on sampling from a smooth density model when the prior models the log density as a (fractionally integrated) Brownian motion is shown to depend on the position of the true parameter relative to the reproducing kernel Hilbert space of the Gaussian process.

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Lower bounds for posterior rates with Gaussian process priors

Upper bounds for rates of convergence of posterior distributions associated to Gaussian process priors are obtained by van der Vaart and van Zanten in [14] and expressed in terms of a concentration