Posterior clinoidectomy: dural tailoring technique and clinical application.

  title={Posterior clinoidectomy: dural tailoring technique and clinical application.},
  author={Ashraf Samy Youssef and Harry R. van Loveren},
  journal={Skull base : official journal of North American Skull Base Society ... [et al.]},
  volume={19 3},
The posterior clinoid process, a bony prominence at the superolateral aspect of the dorsum sellae, has a strategic importance in a transcavernous approach to basilar tip aneurysms. To further optimize this microsurgical technique during posterior clinoidectomy, we performed a cadaveric study of this regional anatomy, describe a technique called dural tailoring, and report initial results in the surgical treatment of upper basilar artery (BA) aneurysm. After 10 adult cadaver heads (silicone… CONTINUE READING