Poster Abstract: Wake-Up Receivers for Energy Efficient and Low Latency Communication


Long lifetime is the most pursued goal in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). As communication is typically the most energy consuming task, a lot of effort has been devoted to design energy efficient communication protocols using duty-cycling in the last decades. However, in the recent years, a new kind of Ultra Low Power (ULP) receivers, called Wake-up Receivers (WuRx), is emerging. These devices allow the continuous monitoring of the wireless channel while having a power consumption orders of magnitude less than typical WSNs transceivers. WuRx can wake-up the rest of the system (microcontroller (MCU) and main radio) using interrupts only when needed, minimizing the idle listening. In this work, we present an experimental and an analytical study which ultimately serve as guidelines for the design of communication protocols leveraging WuRx.

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