Postendocytic Provitellin Processing in the Growing Oocyte of the Short Horned Grasshopper, Oxyajaponicajaponica (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

  title={Postendocytic Provitellin Processing in the Growing Oocyte of the Short Horned Grasshopper, Oxyajaponicajaponica (Orthoptera: Acrididae)},
  author={Saeyoull Cho and Yong Chul Park},
  journal={Entomological Research},
Polyclonal antibodies made against 86 kDa (86 k), 80 kDa (80 k) and 54 kDa (54 k) vitellins of Oxya japonica japonica are used for Western blotting. Anti‐80k vitellin antibody is cross‐reacted with a 95 kDa (95 k) vitellin. While 95 k vitellin is present both in the female hemolymph and in the oocyte, 80 k vitellin is detected only in the oocyte and the laid egg. In the growing oocytes, as 95 k vitellin is faded out gradually, 80 k vitellin is accumulated increasingly, indicating postendocytic… 
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