Postelectrospinning modifications for alginate nanofiber-based wound dressings.

  title={Postelectrospinning modifications for alginate nanofiber-based wound dressings.},
  author={Victor C. M. Leung and Ryan V Hartwell and Sanam Salimi Elizei and Heejae Yang and Aziz Ghahary and Frank Ko},
  journal={Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials},
  volume={102 3},
Alginate nanofibers have been attractive for potential tissue regeneration applications due to a combination of their moisture retention ability and large surface area available in a nonwoven nanofiber form. This study aims to address several challenges in alginate nanofiber application, including the lack of structural stability in aqueous environment and limited cell attachment as compared to commercial wound dressings, via examining crosslinking techniques. In addition to the commonly… CONTINUE READING