Postejaculation serum prostate-specific antigen level.

  title={Postejaculation serum prostate-specific antigen level.},
  author={Amnon Zisman and Yigal Soffer and Yoram I. Siegel and Adrian Paz and Arie Lindner},
  journal={European urology},
  volume={32 1},
OBJECTIVE This study was carried out to determine whether ejaculation may modify the serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level and to investigate whether postejaculation serum PSA may play a role in male hypofertility work-up. METHODS Serum PSA concentration was determined before and 1 h after ejaculation in 18 healthy men (group A) and in 16 men with male-factor infertility (group B). PSA change (delta) was recorded and analyzed. RESULTS Postejaculation serum PSA differed significantly… CONTINUE READING

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