Postdigital Marxism and education

  title={Postdigital Marxism and education},
  author={Derek R. Ford and Petar Jandri{\'c}},
  journal={Educational Philosophy and Theory},
We now live in a world where digital technology is no longer ‘separate, virtual, [or] “other” to a ‘natural’ human and social life’ (Jandric et al., 2018, p. 893). Contemporary information and comm... 
Pedagogically Reclaiming Marx’s Politics in the Postdigital Age: Social Formations and Althuserrian Pedagogical Gestures
This paper builds on Marxist postdigital literature by first clarifying what a ‘mode of production’ is, what the capitalist mode of production is, and how, why, and on what technological foundations
Educational Futures and Postdigital Science
In the year 2021, a global pandemic rages. Big Pharma holds the cure. Public protests roil the streets of major metropolises. Social media is used to expose corporate secrets. Organized crime


Postdigital Possibilities: Operaismo, Co-research, and Educational Inquiry
There are parallels between the post-Marxist traditions of operaismo (workerism) and autonomism and emerging ideas about the ‘postdigital’. Operaist analyses and approaches, and particularly the work
Postdigital science and education
We are increasingly no longer in a world where digital technology and media is separate, virtual, ‘other’ to a ‘natural’ human and social life. This has inspired the emergence of a new concept—‘the
Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire
By colonizing and interconnecting more areas of life ever more deeply, empire has actually created the possibility for a revolutionary kind of democracy. Now the previously silent, oppressed masses'
Capitalism, Crisis, and Educational Struggle in the Postdigital
  • C. Malott
  • Political Science
    Postdigital Science and Education
  • 2019
This article explores how crises within capitalism tend to emerge as crises of realization. As the digitalization of capitalism is now presupposed or postdigital, the article explores how this
The production of space
Translatora s Acknowledgements. 1. Plan of the Present Work. 2. Social Space. 3. Spatial Architectonics. 4. From Absolute Space to Abstract Space. 5. Contradictory Space. 6. From the Contradictions
The Digital University: A Dialogue and Manifesto
The Digital University: A Dialogue and Manifesto focuses on teaching, learning, and research in the age of the digital reason and their relationships to the so-called knowledge economy. The first
Queer communist study: The sinthomostudier against the capital-debt-learning regime
ABSTRACT Presenting the current mode of production as a triumvirate of capital, learning, and debt, I argue that a certain education and rhythm reinforce exploitation and domination. I propose queer
Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies: Communicative Capitalism and Left Politics
Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies is an impassioned call for the realization of a progressive left politics in the United States. Through an assessment of the ideologies underlying
A Marxist Education of the Encounter: Althusser, Interpellation, and the Seminar
This essay traces out a new organization of Louis Althusser’s work that rests on his fundamental educational problematic: interpellation. There are three moments where Althusser discusses education
Covid-19 and the Epigenetics of Learning
Covid-19 is a natural phenomenon that has rapidly upended much of the cultural infrastructure of societies across the globe. Education, which in recent years increasingly tied itself to notions of