Postdevelopment Television? Cultural Citizenship and the Mediation of Africa in Contemporary TV Drama

  title={Postdevelopment Television? Cultural Citizenship and the Mediation of Africa in Contemporary TV Drama},
  author={J. Cupples and K. Glynn},
  journal={Annals of the Association of American Geographers},
  pages={1003 - 1021}
  • J. Cupples, K. Glynn
  • Published 2013
  • Sociology
  • Annals of the Association of American Geographers
Despite well-established critiques from African and Africanist scholars, problematic images and narratives of Africa as a site of disease, famine, and conflict continue to circulate formulaically in mainstream first-world media. Meanwhile, many recent complex humanitarian emergencies in African countries have failed to garner significant attention from mainstream Western media and their audiences. This article examines how these power-bearing patterns of representation and omission can be… Expand
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