Postcontrast MRI of cranial meninges: leptomeningitis versus pachymeningitis.

  title={Postcontrast MRI of cranial meninges: leptomeningitis versus pachymeningitis.},
  author={F. Kioumehr and M. R. Dadsetan and Nancy Feldman and Gill Mathison and H Moosavi and Seyed A. Rooholamini and Ramesh Chandra Verma},
  journal={Journal of computer assisted tomography},
  volume={19 5},
OBJECTIVE Our goal was to characterize the patterns of meningeal enhancement in postcontrast MR images and correlate these patterns with the clinical disorders. MATERIALS AND METHODS The MR scans, medical records, and laboratory findings of 83 patients, whose postcontrast MR studies of the head demonstrated meningeal enhancement, were reviewed retrospectively. The patterns of enhancement of the different layers of the meninges were divided into two types: leptomeningeal (pia and arachnoid… CONTINUE READING
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