Postcolonialism, feminism and development: intersections and dilemmas

  title={Postcolonialism, feminism and development: intersections and dilemmas},
  author={Cheryl McEwan},
  journal={Progress in Development Studies},
  pages={111 - 93}
  • C. McEwan
  • Published 1 April 2001
  • Sociology
  • Progress in Development Studies
In recent years, postcolonial and feminist theories have had enormous consequences for how development is conceptualized. In light of this, the present paper explores the intersections between postcolonialism, feminism and development. It does so by, first, reviewing the primary issues underpinning postcolonial approaches to development. Secondly, the paper reviews the emergence of postcolonial feminisms and explores the key areas of debate generated by these approaches within development… 
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