Postcolonial Collages: Distributions of Power and Constitutional Models

  title={Postcolonial Collages: Distributions of Power and Constitutional Models},
  author={Heinz Klug},
  journal={International Sociology},
  pages={114 - 131}
  • H. Klug
  • Published 1 March 2003
  • Political Science
  • International Sociology
The wave of post-Cold War state reconstruction was marked in its reliance on the adoption of new constitutions as the marker of a state's transition to a new order. Whether at the beginning or end of the process, or as the central theme, as was the case in South Africa, post-Cold War constitutions came to reflect a common core of principles and institutions, despite the often nationalist tone surrounding their creation. This article argues that these constitutions both reflect a dominant post… 

Global Constitutionalism and Judicial Activism in Taiwan

  • J. Chu
  • Political Science, Law
  • 2008
Abstract In sociological research, law is usually considered as either a variable independent of the force of social change or a variable dependent on its shaping and moulding. Any changes in law, if

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ion, fixed reality and generalisability in favour of subjectivity, interpretive meaning, experience and understanding (Szarycz, 2009). The goal in hermeneutic phenomenology is to understand the

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Adjectives such as ‘scary’, ‘yucky’ and ‘bizarre’, used in connection with food in touristic experience, illustrate tourists’ propensity to ‘Other’. In this paper, I use netnographic tourist reviews



Constitutions and the struggle for political order: a study in the modernization of political traditions

The constitutions of the last two centuries are monuments to an eminently modern enterprise: the reconstruction of the political order by rational human effort. Constitution-making is a deliberate

The Authority of Alternatives

When Charles I was beheaded by order of Parliament in 1649, both politics and political theory lost something important also. Sovereignty, so central to the practice and theory of politics, was

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Introduction 1. Post twentieth-century constitutionalism? 2. Legal legacies and constitutional paths 3. Constitutionalism in global perspective 4. Constitutional strategies 5. Constitutionalism in

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The Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) is the major policy initiative of the Government of National Unity (GNU). The RDP is an integrated, coherent socio-economic framework which attempts

Constitutional law in India

Notes Parts of this article are taken from the author's book, Constituting Democracy (2000) and are reprinted with permission of