Postcolonial Cities

  title={Postcolonial Cities},
  author={Anthony King},
  journal={Towards a Transcultural Future: Literature and Society in a ‘Post’-Colonial World 2},
  • A. King
  • Published 1 January 2005
  • History
  • Towards a Transcultural Future: Literature and Society in a ‘Post’-Colonial World 2

Seditious Spaces: Protest in Post-Colonial Malaysia

The title ‘Seditious Spaces’ is derived from one aspect of Britain’s colonial legacy in Malaysia (formerly Malaya): the Sedition Act 1948. While colonial rule may seem like it was a long time ago,

Development as Urban Imaginary: Post-colonial Planning and Heteroglossic Cities of India

Abstract Contemporary India’s tryst with development continues to revolve around cities, and the latter remain the locus of India’s development narrative. But instead of seeing the city as already

A Spatial Analysis of Domestic Architecture in Khartoum: Transitional Praxis of Colonial to Post-Colonial Private Houses

The intricate changes on domestic social patterns around the time of independence (1956) in Khartoum represent the focus of this paper, which aims at providing space syntax-based viewpoint of the

(Post) Colonial Encounters in the Postsocialist City: Reshaping Urban Space in Sarajevo

Abstract This article argues that postcolonial lenses can be useful in understanding postsocialism in particular urban situations, examining the postsocialist city of Sarajevo as an arena of

Development and Hybridity Made Concrete in the Colonies

The concept of hybridity has been discussed chiefly in relation to cultural issues and interpreted as a challenge to dominant power. It is equally relevant to the interpretation of economic and

In the Technological Footprints of Urbanity: A Socio-political History of Water and Sanitation in Nairobi, 1899-2015

While History of Technology as a discipline has developed more strongly in the Global North, a huge lacuna exists in the Global South, particularly in Africa. In addition, the few texts that have

The Portuguese Calçada in Macau: Paving Residual Colonialism with a New Cultural History of Place

Drawing on ethnographic research, this article examines the ways in which the calçada portuguesa (“Portuguese pavement”) that the late Portuguese administration developed in Macau (China) was

Editorial introduction: runaway city/leftover spaces

The essays in this collection not only describe the story of Jakarta, but seek to engage in a critical dialogue with the city. A critical dialogue means a conversation with the aim of understanding,

Indigeneity and the intercultural city

Abstract The historical erasure of Aboriginality from the settler city has now been well documented by Australian postcolonial scholarship. The increasing cultural diversity of cities such as Sydney,

Culture, Heritage and the Politics of Identity in National and Tribal Spaces: the city and the traditional village in Botswana

Studies into architecture in Botswana posit that architecture in the capital city- Gaborone is a result of the imposition of British culture received through the historical conditions of colonisation