Postcolonial Belgium

  title={Postcolonial Belgium},
  author={Idesbald Goddeeris},
  pages={434 - 451}
Belgium recently celebrated a number of major anniversaries related to its colonial history. This coincides with great societal interest in the Congo and the appearance of an abundance of new books. Strikingly, the prior decade's debates over Leopold II's ‘genocide’ and the assassination of Lumumba appeared to be over. Instead, there was great nostalgia for the Belgian Congo. A single and less critical narrative dominated, epitomized by David Van Reybrouck's bestseller on Congolese history and… Expand
Legacies of an imperial past in a small nation. Patterns of postcolonialism in Belgium
  • G. Verbeeck
  • Political Science
  • European Politics and Society
  • 2019
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En 2014, lors du centenaire d’Aimé Césaire, sa fameuse pièce Une Saison au Congo avait été jouée à Londres et en banlieue parisienne, mais toujours pas en Belgique, pays excolonisateur du Congo.Expand


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Naming Colonialism: history and collective memory in the Congo, 1870–1960 by Osumaka Likaka Madison, WI: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2009. Pp. 220, US$26.95 (pbk).
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