Postcastration analgesia in ponies using buprenorphine hydrochloride.

  title={Postcastration analgesia in ponies using buprenorphine hydrochloride.},
  author={Emma Love and Polly M. Taylor and Helen Rebecca Whay and J C Murrell},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={172 24},
Buprenorphine has recently obtained UK Marketing Authorisation for horses. The analgesic effects are long lasting, and have considerable potential for postoperative pain relief. This observer blinded, randomised study aimed to evaluate postsurgical analgesia in ponies premedicated with buprenorphine prior to castration under intravenous anaesthesia. Ponies received either 0.01 mg/kg bodyweight (BW) buprenorphine (group B) or an equivalent volume of 5 per cent glucose (group C) given… CONTINUE READING