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Postawy dorosłych Polaków wobec osób chorych psychicznie

  title={Postawy dorosłych Polak{\'o}w wobec os{\'o}b chorych psychicznie},
  author={Bożena Mroczek and Izabela Wr{\'o}blewska and Anna Ewa Kędzierska and Donata Kurpas},
  journal={Family Medicine \& Primary Care Review},
Public perception of a dangerous person in psychotic exacerbation on the example of a court expert judgement case
A case of a patient who committed a criminal offence and was then judged by the media, and especially by web surfers, to demonstrate stigmatisation of the mentally ill, which stems primarily from the ignorance of society.


A decade of stigma and discrimination in mental health: plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose (the more things change, the more they stay the same).
The current nature and extent of stigma and discrimination in an area of the north of England is explored and findings are compared with those from a study undertaken a decade ago, which found close similarities in both sets of data.
Reducing stigma by meeting and learning from people with mental illness.
A 1-hour informational session developed and facilitated by consumers of mental health services can significantly affect the attitudes of adolescents toward people with major mental illnesses.
The role of perceived norms in the stigmatization of mental illness
Messages designed to influence perceived social norms may help reduce stigmatization of the mentally ill and contribute to an individual’s social distance to those with mental illness.
Occupation and social experience: Factors influencing attitude towards people with schizophrenia
The role of occupation and social experience as factors determining the attitude of psychiatric care workers and other workers from various backgrounds toward people with schizophrenia was examined, and public health nurses showed the most accepting attitude in both scales.