Postanarchism: A critical assessment1

  title={Postanarchism: A critical assessment1},
  author={Benjamin Franks},
  journal={Journal of Political Ideologies},
  pages={127 - 145}
  • B. Franks
  • Published 3 May 2007
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Political Ideologies
Post-modernism has had a significant influence on anarchism, notably in the interrelation between the theoretical positions of libertarianism and post-structuralism (a set of theories and philosophies strongly identified with, but not identical to, post-modernism). This has generated a subset of anarchist thinking referred to as postanarchism. Postanarchism, like anarchism, is a fluid assemblage of political concepts that alters according to geographic and historical context. Within this paper… 

Anarchism as the Contemporary Spirit of Anti-Capitalism? A Critical Survey of Recent Debates

In the past decade or so, a sizable literature on anarchism has appeared. It has often been attached to the newer movements associated with alternative globalization and with post-modern theoretical

Social Histories of Anarchism

This article is a synoptic overview of a larger project on the social histories of anarchism from the eighteenth century to the present. The specific themes of this article are a discussion of the

Are Postanarchists Right to Call Classical Anarchisms ‘Humanist’?

Many of the attempts to reassert the relevance of classical anarchisms in the wake of the postanarchist attack have been based on selecting quotations from classical anarchist writers that display non-humanist leanings, in a similar manner that postanarchyists selectively quote the same writers to highlight the humanist content of classical anarchy.

On Planning for Not Having a Plan?

Almost 80 years after anarcho-feminist Emma Goldman (1940, p. 1) observed that “people are losing faith in the existing institutions” and that “capitalist industrialism is defeating the very purpose

At the Intersection of Anarchists and Autonomists: Autogestioni and Centri Sociali

The main topic of this paper is a discussion on the relationship between anarchists and autonomists, as it was historically produced in Italy in the last thirtyfive years. By intersection I mean how

Editorial — Post-anarchism Today

Welcome to Post-anarchism Today. Thi s is certainly not USA Today, et ce n’est certainement pas Aujourd’hui en France. Indeed, it is a refreshing antidote to all such discourses of modern state

'Occupying' Anarchism and Discovering the Means for Social Justice: Interrogating the Anarchist Turn in 21st Century Social Movements.

The purpose of this thesis is to take the individual on a journey about what it is like to be engaged in radical anti-systemic activism in the 21 Century. Along this journey the reader will learn

Re‐appropriating the political through enacting a pedagogical politics of place

This paper critically analyses the post-political thesis, highlighting its universalising and agency-grabbing tendencies. Drawing on my own family life, anarchist theory and long-standing traditions

Language, Ideology, and Anarchism

As an emancipatory doctrine, anarchism aspires to replace forms of domination with forms of freedom. Relatively few anarchists have sought to address it by means of a theory of language and ideology.

Rancière, Politics, and the Occupy Movement

This paper focuses on the work of Jacques Rancière, his view of politics, and its relevance for understanding key aspects of social protest movements such as the Occupy movement. The paper outlines



The political philosophy of poststructuralist anarchism

In essence, Habermas tries to provide a unity of the is and the ought before the revolution, as a presupposition not only of the revolution but of all attempts to co-opt that revolution, in order to


Since its inception Latin American Perspectives has recognized many Marxisms and a Marxist tradition of many contending theories and strategies. More important, the journal represents the view that

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In the anarchist movement in Britain and across the world today, there are a number of reasonably prolific publishing projects and a few moderately successful groups and organisations. It is even

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Direct action has long been associated with European anarchism, from the industrial sabotage espoused by nineteenth and twentieth century anarcho-syndicalists to the anti-Poll tax activists and the

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This authoritative guide introduces the key figures in contemporary critical theory for the beginning student. The critical theory covered in the volume includes: semiotics and discourse analysis;

Carnival against capital: a comparison of Bakhtin, Vaneigem and Bey

Since the mid 1990s, many anarchists and Marxists, drawing on the writings of Hakim Bey, the Situationist International and Mikhail Bakhtin, have increasingly articulated the concept of ‘carnival’ as

Socialism and libertarianism

In this article, I attempt to define the concepts of socialism and libertarianism. While recognising that the meaning of socialism has developed over time and is not set in stone, and after outlining


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The literature on women—both feminist and antifeminist—is a long rumination on the question of the nature and genesis of women's oppression and social subordination. The question is not a trivial

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