Post-traumatic intention tremor - clinical features and CT findings

  title={Post-traumatic intention tremor - clinical features and CT findings},
  author={Yasuo Iwadate and Naokatsu Saeki and Hiroki Namba and Masaru Odaki and Nobuo Oka and Akira Yamaura},
  journal={Neurosurgical Review},
Eight patients with post-traumatic intention tremor were reported. Intention tremor developed in the young as a late complication of severe head injury (Glasgow Coma Scale was below 8 in all cases) and impaired their functional outcome. This state was treatable with medication or by stereotactic thalamotomy. Neurologically, all the patients lapsed into coma immediately after the injury and many patients manifested clinical signs of a midbrain lesion in the chronic stage. The characteristic CT… CONTINUE READING