Post-traumatic cystic lesion following fracture of the radius

  title={Post-traumatic cystic lesion following fracture of the radius},
  author={Nikolaos G. Papadimitriou and John E Christophorides and Theodoros A. Beslikas and Eleni G. Doulianaki and Ageliki G. Papadimitriou},
  journal={Skeletal Radiology},
Post-traumatic cystic lesions are an uncommon complication of fractures in children. They are benign, asymptomatic, non-expansive and tend to resolve spontaneously. Their cause seems to be the invasion of bone-marrow fat by subperiosteal hematoma, which may be visible on radiographs during fracture consolidation of the newly formed subperiosteal bone. The… CONTINUE READING