Post-tetanic activity changes of the frog's neurosensory pineal end vesicle (Stirnorgan)

  title={Post-tetanic activity changes of the frog's neurosensory pineal end vesicle (Stirnorgan)},
  author={Yukitomo Morita},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
The effect of iterative electrical stimulation of the pineal nerve and tract on the activity of the frog's light sensitive pineal organ (Stirnorgan) was investigated. Post-tetanic changes up to several minutes were seen in two opposite directions: an earlyfatigue effect that produces a decreased response to illumination as well as a depression of the spontaneous activity of pineal nerve fibres and a latefacilitatory effect that produces an increase of discharge frequency in spontaneously active… CONTINUE READING


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