Post-surgical invasive aspergillosis: an uncommon and under-appreciated entity.

  title={Post-surgical invasive aspergillosis: an uncommon and under-appreciated entity.},
  author={Julia Jensen and Jes{\'u}s Guinea and Marta Torres-Narbona and Patricia Mu{\~n}oz and Teresa Pel{\'a}ez and Emilio Bouza},
  journal={The Journal of infection},
  volume={60 2},
OBJECTIVE Post-surgical invasive aspergillosis (PSIA) is an unusual and underestimated complication of surgery. It may occur after colonization of surgical sites by airborne Aspergillus conidia during surgery, or in the immediate postoperative. METHODS We reviewed 7 cases of PSIA (1997-2006) and checked the air levels of Aspergillus conidia in the operating rooms and/or areas surrounding 5/7 patients. RESULTS PSIA accounted for 8.4% (n = 83) of all cases of invasive aspergillosis. Patients… CONTINUE READING