Post-stapedectomy reparative granuloma: a misnomer.

  title={Post-stapedectomy reparative granuloma: a misnomer.},
  author={J E Fenton and Jenny Turner and A Shirazi and Paul A Fagan},
  journal={The Journal of laryngology and otology},
  volume={110 2},
The pathophysiology of so-called 'reparative granuloma' occurring after stapedectomy has not been determined and universally accepted management of this rare complication has not yet been established. A case is presented in which a mass developed in the middle ear after the use of a fat/wire prosthesis in a stapedectomy. Histological assessment revealed nonspecific granulation tissue and fat necrosis. It is suggested that 'reparative granuloma' is a misnomer as there is no microscopic evidence… CONTINUE READING
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