Post-slaughter traceability.

  title={Post-slaughter traceability.},
  author={Gary C. Smith and Dustin L Pendell and J. Daryl Tatum and Keith E. Belk and John N. Sofos},
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Traceability programs can cover the whole of life, or parts of it, for individual animals or groups/lots of animals. Of 13 country or community traceability programs for cattle/beef, 11 are mandatory (4 encompass, or are scheduled to encompass, birth to retail; 7 cover birth to slaughter) while 2 are voluntary and encompass birth to slaughter. Of 10 country or community traceability programs for swine/pork, 2 are mandatory (1 covers birth to retail; 1 covers birth to slaughter) while 8 are… CONTINUE READING