Post-meiotic transcription in Drosophila testes.

  title={Post-meiotic transcription in Drosophila testes.},
  author={Carine Barreau and Elizabeth Benson and Elin Gudmannsdottir and Fay G. Newton and Helen White-Cooper},
  volume={135 11},
Post-meiotic transcription was accepted to be essentially absent from Drosophila spermatogenesis. We identify 24 Drosophila genes whose mRNAs are most abundant in elongating spermatids. By single-cyst quantitative RT-PCR, we demonstrate post-meiotic transcription of these genes. We conclude that transcription stops in Drosophila late primary spermatocytes, then is reactivated by two pathways for a few loci just before histone-to-transition protein-to-protamine chromatin remodelling in… CONTINUE READING