Post-hatching growth and allometry of the teleost brain.

  title={Post-hatching growth and allometry of the teleost brain.},
  author={Roland Bauchot and Monique Diagne and J M Ribet},
  journal={Journal fur Hirnforschung},
  volume={20 1},
The growth of the brain in the rainbow trout follows an S curve: E = 0.04 t3 + 0.26 t2 - 0.06 t + 0.04 with t (time) in days and E (brain weight) in mg. The growth of the brain, relative to the body, can be given, after longarithmic transformation, by: Y = 0.011 + 0.835 X - 0.047 X2 where Y is log brain weight and X log body weight. This formula is consistent with that of every species after necessary changes of origin. The coefficients of allometry corresponding to this curve vary from 0.788… CONTINUE READING