Post-SELEX chemical optimization of a trypanosome-specific RNA aptamer.

  title={Post-SELEX chemical optimization of a trypanosome-specific RNA aptamer.},
  author={Annette Adler and Nicole Forster and Matthias Homann and H. Ulrich G{\"o}ringer},
  journal={Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening},
  volume={11 1},
African trypanosomes are the causative agent of sleeping sickness. The therapeutics used to control and treat the disease are very ineffective and thus, the development of improved drugs is urgently needed. Recently, new strategies for the design of novel trypanocidals have been put forward. Among them are techniques that rely on parasite-specific RNA aptamers. One approach involves the aptamer-directed transport of lytic compounds to the lysosome of the parasite. The aptamer has been termed 2… CONTINUE READING
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