Post-Herpetic Autoimmune Encephalitis

  title={Post-Herpetic Autoimmune Encephalitis},
  author={Himanshi Chaudhary and Ananthanarayanan Kasinathan and Indar Kumar Sharawat and Arushi Gahlot Saini and Anita Mahadevan and Naveen Sankhyan},
  journal={The Indian Journal of Pediatrics},
To the Editor: A previously healthy 8-y-old boy presented with fever, generalized seizures, and progressive lethargy for the past 4 d. On examination, he had altered sensorium, meningismus, and brisk muscle stretch reflexes. There were no focal motor deficits or papilledema. A clinical diagnosis of acute meningoencephalitis was considered. Cerebrospinal fluid examination showed 268 cells (74% lymphocytes), normal glucose, elevated protein (217 mg%), absence of red blood cells and positive… Expand
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