Post-Ebola Signs and Symptoms in U.S. Survivors.

  title={Post-Ebola Signs and Symptoms in U.S. Survivors.},
  author={Lauren H Epstein and Karen K. Wong and Alexander J. Kallen and Timothy M. Uyeki},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={373 25},
n engl j med 373;25 December 17, 2015 2484 The feasibility of the dilated-eye examination during routine office visits by nonophthalmologists was reported in 1987.2 It is unclear why this practice has not been widely adopted. The importance of dilation was taught in our first-year course on physical diagnosis. A recommendation for nondilated retinal screening may miss potentially correctable signs of early retinal damage due to common systemic diseases (e.g., diabetes and hypertension… CONTINUE READING
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